Best of Breed Unit Make-Ready Software vs. One Stop Shop: How to Choose the Right Solution (part 2 of 3)

5 Important Questions to Ask About Best of Breed Unit Make-Ready Software

apartment turnover solution

Here are five important questions to ask to help decide if a one stop shop or best of breed apartment turnover solution is best for your business:

#1: How well does the software integrate?

This question applies to both best of breed unit make-ready software and one stop shop options. With best of breed solutions, different parts of the software are designed by different companies.

However, compatibility issues often occur with one stop shop options too. That’s because one stop shop vendors frequently acquire other vendor solutions to add to their mix of offerings, rebranding them as their own solutions. What appears to be a tightly integrated system can actually be a hodge-podge of multiple software systems that don’t always communicate and work in tandem.

#2: Does the unit turnover software work well for all users?

In a perfect world, property management staff, office, and field staff work together to select the best unit make ready software for their multifamily portfolio. But in the real world, choosing between the best of breed property turnover software and one stop shop doesn’t always work that way.

Oftentimes, executive management will make a decision without getting input from everyone who will be using the property turnover software. Frequently they go down the path of least resistance, opting for a sub-par solution that does a reasonable job but isn’t really the best choice for the staff who will be using the software.

#3: What happens if part of the one stop shop software doesn’t work for you?

If you choose a one stop shop global solution and want to disable a certain function that doesn’t work right for you, you may be out of luck. Many one stop shop vendors only offer “all or nothing solutions” that force you to decide between using a system you don’t like or removing the entire software package and replacing it with a customizable best of breed unit turnover application.

A lot of times companies selling one stop shop solutions do this on purpose. They’re counting on the customer being so overwhelmed at removing a global make ready system that they end up staying with a mediocre platform.

(Part 2 of 3)