Best of Breed Unit Make-Ready Software vs. One Stop Shop: How to Choose the Right Solution (part 3 of 3)

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#4: Is one customer service department really the best choice?

The idea of having one place to go for service sounds good, at least in theory. But often times the reality of a single support contact isn’t really better. That’s because large one stop shop companies simply don’t have the in-depth product knowledge that the leading best of breed apartment make ready software providers do. With a single, large vendor it can actually take more time to resolve even the most minor of issues.

#5: What are the real costs involved with one stop shop software solutions?

At first glance, choosing a one stop shop can seem like the most economical choice. However, those perceived economies of scale can quickly disappear when a single source software provider nickel and dimes you for every single change to features and functions. By comparison, the best companies that specialize in customizable unit make ready software solutions can offer you more modern, agile and affordable solutions right from the start.

Best of breed open platform unit turnover software systems

Some of the monolithic, one stop shop software companies continue to fight against open platforms and cloud-based solutions for their customers. The result is that users most likely are not optimizing their experience and lack the freedom to pick and choose the options that best meet their specific business needs.

The best of breed unit make-ready software companies that are most successful today are creating and supporting a strong ecosystem of apartment turnover solutions that give their customers freedom of choice. Users are able to choose the best solution and experience for their team instead of settling for mediocre one stop shop software delivering average results.

Today’s cloud and apartment turnover technologies offer multifamily managers a number of game-changing key advantages:

  • Anytime, anywhere access via mobile devices to reach wide-spread staff with real-time data capture for immediate action and easy comparison of historical data
  • Low cost cloud technology enables a 24/7 system accessible to in-house staff and outside employees and contractors
  • KPI, data, and information collection make analyzing data easier, leading to more cost-effective decision making and planning
  • Connecting with existing software systems is much more flexible, creating enriched functionality and extending use

Best of breed vs. one stop shop – which is best?

Every multifamily apartment management company and owner should do what’s best for their business. But at the end of the day the reminder “not to put all of your eggs in one basket” rings truer than ever when selecting the best unit turnover application.

Apartment owners choosing a one stop shop by committing to a single vendor are married to that vendor’s agenda and technology roadmap instead of their own. Selecting a monolithic software company inevitably leads to feeling hamstrung when trying to solve problems or seizing new opportunities for business growth.

Best of breed unit make-ready software offers a more flexible approach and provides users with an expansive choice of specialized features that make sense both today and tomorrow.

(End of this 3-part article)