How To Sell A Rental House

sell a rental house

When the time comes to sell a rental house there are three important factors to keep in mind.

That’s because selling a rental house – or any other residential rental property – is quite a bit different from selling one that the owner used to live in.

Tips To Sell A Rental House

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to sell a rental house.

#1  The rental house shouldn’t look like a rental

Most houses for rent look pretty basic.  They have all white paint, basic window coverings and appliances, and very little landscaping.

All of those things are great if you own a rental house or property manage real estate.   They help to keep the routine maintenance costs down and minimize the things that can go wrong with the rental house.

Updating the paint colors, fixtures and appliances can help make the house you’re selling not look like the rental property that it once was.

#2  Consider staging the rental house

If you’re trying to sell a rental house it should be vacant and without tenants in it.  It’s always easier to sell a house that used to be a rental when there is nobody in it.  And without tenants, you can also hold an open house.

Once the paint colors and fixtures have been updated, consider staging the rental house for sale.  Proper home staging can highlight the best features of the house.

Staging a home will also make it easier for a buyer to picture your house becoming their home.

#3 Remember the HOA rules & regulations

Good landlords and property managers know that finding and keeping great tenants means there are no surprises.  The tenants know up front what the rules and regulations of the home owners’ association are.

When you’re selling a house that was a rental, always be sure to let the potential buyers know about the HOA rules & regulations.

Doing so will avoid any unpleasant surprises during the escrow, and will make it that much easier to sell a rental house.