How To Tell If A Real Estate Copywriting Client Is Legit

real estate copywriting client

As someone who makes their living as a freelance real estate copywriter, it’s important to be able to tell whether or not a real estate copywriting client is legitimate.

That’s because, as the old saying from Ben Franklin goes, time is money.  The more time a freelancer spends on a prospect who isn’t going to turn into an actual client, the less time there is for a legit client.

Real Estate Copywriting Client Litmus Test

In chemistry a litmus test is used to tell whether a solution is acidic or basic.  Freelance writers look for real estate copywriting clients who are acidic.  We want clients who actually do something – who react.

Basic clients, on the other hand, are those who do nothing.  In other words, they don’t react.

Ways To Make Sure A Copywriting Client Is Legit

First, look at how quickly a prospect responds to a project inquiry they’ve made.  Usually prospects are anxious to get their project completed.  That’s because, just as with real estate freelance copywriting, time is money in the real estate business as well.

Clients who take more than two or three days to reply to an inquiry they’ve made aren’t going to be that serious.  Or, they are actually a middleman in disguise, and they’re waiting for a response from their client.

Next, if the client won’t sign a contract for services, they’re not serious about their project.  Plain and simple.

Talking is one thing, but signing on the dotted line and submitting a deposit is something completely different.

Qualifying A Real Estate Copywriting Client

After we know a real estate copywriting client is legit, it’s important to know if their project is as well.  Not legitimate in the sense of an actual project existing, but in the sense of whether or not that project can be done well.

Is the project defined?  Are the characteristics of the target audience known?  Or is the real estate copywriting project vague, with the target market being everyone who is buying and selling real estate?

Some clients already know how to get the most from their freelance real estate copywriter, while others will need to be guided through the writing process.

The end goal is to make the real estate copywriting project a win-win for everyone involved.