Property Management Blog Article Ideas

property management blog article

Here are three property management blog article ideas for people looking to create their own content.

These ideas will work for blogs, social media posts, or can be consolidated into a give-away ebook for readers who opt-in to your email list.

Property Management Blog Article

These property management blog article ideas can be used for both residential and commercial property management companies:

#1 How To Choose A Property Management Company

This property management article idea easily lends itself to using three, four or five ways to choose a property manager.  Naturally the reasons you use will tie into why your property management company is the best choice for the real estate investor.

#2 Where To Find Great Tenants

Renting to a tenant is one thing, but renting to a great tenant is really what every landlord wants.  If most leasing agents rely solely on sign calls, you can list the things that your company does to attract the best tenants possible.

#3 Service After The Lease

Turning tenants over rather than renewing the lease with the current tenant can be expensive for the landlord.  With this property management blog article you can list the things that your company does after the lease is signed that keeps tenant turnover low and occupancy high.

Targeting Your Audience

The above three article ideas are general on purpose.  But if you’re writing for your property management blog you’ll want to make the articles as niche specific as possible, such as my recent article on LEED certified office space.

Some niche examples are residential vs. commercial, the best tenant match for the property – such as a vacation home or a retail space, and the online rent payment service that your company provides.

Turn Your Property Management Articles Into A Book

After you’ve written enough property management blog articles it’s easy enough to put them together in an ebook form.  Depending on the length of the book and your objective, you can use your new property management ebook as a give away, or if it’s long enough consider publishing your book on Amazon KDP or Draft2Digital.

Before you know it you’ll have a portfolio of published real estate books to your name and will have another tool to position yourself as an expert real estate property manager!