Three Ways Neighbors Can Undermine Your Open House

neighbors can undermine your open house

At first glance it might seem strange that there are ways neighbors can undermine your open house.

Anybody who has been in the residential real estate business for a while knows that this is absolutely true.

Why Would Neighbors Want To Undermine A Open House?

Most people get along with their neighbors just fine.  But once you decide to sell your house and a ‘For Sale’ sign pops up, your best next door neighbor can become your worst nightmare.

Neighbors believe that when the house next to theirs is for sale, cars will be blocking the street, criminals will come to the house disguised as interested buyers, and real estate agents will be knocking in their door seeing if they’re interested in listing their house for sale.

So, as odd as it might sound, neighbors will try to make it difficult to sell your house.

Here are three ways neighbors can undermine your open house!

Ways Neighbors Can Undermine Your Open House

#1  Stealing the ‘open house’ signs – This is probably the most common way that neighbors try to sabotage an open house.

Right after the open house begins the neighbor will back-track through the neighborhood and remove all of the open house signs.  Often times they will try to sell them on the internet to make a little extra money!

#2  Spreading lies about your house – Neighbors have been known to lie in wait for people leaving an open house.

Then they will casually approach the prospective buyer.  Striking up a conversation, the neighbor will then talk about a fictitious murder in the house.  Or they will mention seeing the termite pest control truck in front of the house yesterday.

#3  Loud parties & music – Open houses are usually held on the weekends, to attract the highest number of potential buyers that are shopping around.

Unfortunately the weekends are also when your neighbor is probably home.  You’ve never heard a noise from the neighbor for as long as you’ve lived in the house.

But, oddly enough, your neighbor will pick the day of your open house to have a loud, drunken pool party with heavy metal music.

These are just three of the things that can distract buyers moving up, and first-time home buyers, from putting your house for sale at the top of their list.