Fee Structure

Here’s an idea of the pricing structure for different types of articles and projects. There are a variety of different payment options available when you become a client. I’ve also written several articles on this website to help you decide which type of content might be best for your project that you can read by clicking on each link:

Pricing packages

Fees for article and blog post content creation are billed at a flat rate that is customized for your project based on the topic and desired word count. There are two packages to choose from based on your goals and objectives.


The Basic content creation package is best for those who prefer to do their own keyword research and SEO, and who may be working with a more limited budget. The price for basic content creation includes the following:

  • Blog post length as specified by client (minimum fee may apply).
  • Content processed through Copyscape to prevent accidental plagiarism or duplication.
  • Meta title and description.
  • Content delivered in a Word or Google document format with H1, H2, and H3 header formats.
  • All content is yours to use any way you like, including blog posts, social media, low-content ebooks, email marketing, and more.


The Business content creation package is best for those concerned with optimizing keyword use and SEO, article tone of voice, and who have a more robust budget. The price for business content creation includes the following:

  • Keyword selection based on search phrase or specific keyword(s) selected by client.
  • First, second, or third person voice (client choice).
  • Post structured with headings H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Keyword analysis report to identify secondary and LSI keywords is provided to client for future content ideas
  • Meta title and description.
  • Final article run through Grammarly for content improvement suggestions and verify tone of voice.
  • Final article run through Copyscape to check for and prevent accidental plagiarism.
  • All content is yours to use any way you like, including blog posts, social media, low-content ebooks, email marketing, and more.

Oftentimes the actual word count for an article in either package may exceed the targeted word count by 5% – 10% due to natural writing flow, but this will not result in a price increase.

Hourly pricing for other services

My hourly rate is $75 per hour and is typically used for projects that do not fall into one of the above categories, such as updating or revising existing content, or proofreading and editing.

1:1 Consulting Services for freelance writers who need assistance taking their business to the next level are available at a hourly rate of $250 per hour.


Clients who pay for a project in advance receive a 10% discount for their project (with the exception of Upwork). Please visit our Payment Options page for more information.

Receive a quote

If you have questions about a specific project and pricing, or when you’re ready to schedule a project, please go to our Become a Client page and follow the easy steps to get started.