Here’s an idea of the pricing structure for different types of articles and projects. There are a variety of different payment options available when you become a client. I’ve also written several articles on this website to help you decide which type of content might be best for your project that you can read by clicking on each link:

How pricing works

Fees for content creation are billed at a flat rate based on the desired word count. Oftentimes the actual word count in an article may exceed the targeted word count by 5% – 10% due to natural writing flow, but this will not result in a price increase. For example, if the targeted word count in an article is 1,000 words with a price of $200 and the actual word count delivered is 1,100 words, your price would still be $200.

Flat-rate pricing

Flat-rate pricing ranges from $20 per 100 words to $40 per 100 words depending on the topic and amount of research involved. For example, if an article is 1,000 words long and the quoted fee is $20 per 100 words, the price of the article would be $200.

Hourly pricing for other services

My hourly rate is $75 per hour and is typically used for projects that do not fall into one of the above categories, such as updating or revising existing content, or proofreading and editing.


Clients who pay for a project in advance receive a 10% discount for their project (with the exception of Upwork). Please visit our Payment Options page for more information.

Receive a quote

If you have questions about a specific project and pricing, or when you’re ready to schedule a project, please go to our Become a Client page and follow the easy steps to get started.