Here’s an idea of the pricing structure for different types of articles. All projects and payments are handled via Upwork, with funds prepaid and held in escrow until a project is satisfactorily completed. I’ve also written several articles on this website to help you decide which type of content might be best for your project that you can read by clicking on each link:

  • How payments are handled on Upwork
  • What is the best length for a blog post?
  • Long form versus short form articles and the pros and cons of each

How pricing works

Fees for content creation are billed at a flat rate based on the desired word count. Oftentimes the actual word count in an article may exceed the targeted word count by 5% – 10% due to natural writing flow, but this will not result in a price increase. For example, if the targeted word count in an article is 1,000 words with a price of $250 and the actual word count delivered is 1,100 words, your price would still be $250.

The minimum fee for a writing project is $250. Clients who prefer shorter articles of less than 1,000 words each may wish to purchase a package of short form articles described later in this page.

General topics

Flat-rate pricing of 25 cents per word is available for general topics, such as “What is a cap rate and how does it work?” or “The pros and cons of using accounting software.” For example, a 1,000 word article about a general topic would be billed at a flat rate of $250.

Topics where research is required

Flat-rate pricing of 35 cents per word is available for topics that require research, such as “The 10 best real estate markets to purchase rental property in” or “The best free accounting software programs.” For example, a 1,000 word article that requires research would be billed at a flat rate of $350.

Packages of short form articles

The articles I write generally range from 1,000 to 1,500 words, depending on a client’s needs and objectives. However, some clients prefer shorter articles of less than 1,000 words each. In cases like these, packages of 5 short form articles are available at a fixed price of between 25 cents and 35 cents per word, depending on the subject matter. For example, if you would like 5 articles of 500 words each about a general topic, the package price would be $625.

Long form article pricing

Flat-rate pricing for articles longer than 1,500 words is generally billed at a minimum of 30 cents per word, depending on the subject matter and desired word count. Pricing for long form article is higher because there is more time involved in structuring the content and flow, similar to writing a small e-book.

Hourly pricing for other services

My hourly rate is $75 per hour and is typically used for projects that do not fall into one of the above categories, such as updating or revising existing content, or proofreading and editing.

Questions about pricing?

If you have questions about a specific project and pricing, or when you’re ready to schedule a project, please go to the Contact page on this website and follow the easy steps to get started.